Friday, June 26, 2009

Notice of shipment - 98

Shipment of items purchased by Ita, KakLong, Mel, Aju, Aliza, Aya, Hannan, Dr KB and Hani was made on Friday 26th June 09.

1. Ita - EH898021812US

2. Sazli - CP077850264US

Items from shipment 94 arrived in Malaysia on the 20th tapi Nek pun tak tahu kenapa, parcel lambat keluar dari Cus***. Parcel is now in JB. Items will be mailed out on Saturday the 27th June 09. Your patience is very much appreciated. Sorry for all the delay.

1. Gurl - EN216270964MY
2. Lily - EN216270947MY
3. Aeda - EN216270920MY
4. Along - hand delivery
5. Ninie - EN216270902MY


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