Friday, July 10, 2009


Dear valued customers,

For everyone's info, right now Nekrock's Boutique has 2 PA's in Malaysia helping and sorting out all item that is not mail directly to you.

As everyone knows Lieen has been helping Nek since a year ago. Nek really appreciates her willingness to help. Lieen is one of the early days customers of Nekrock's Boutique. Lieen is in Putrajaya.

Soon there will be parcels mailed from Ampang. Nekrock's Boutique 2nd PA is Ayu, who will take care of mailing parcels once they arrive from the USA. Thanks Ayu, Nek really appreciate your help.

Nekrock's Boutique now has a shipping out schedule as below

Shipments from Arizona, USA will go out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week. Please take note. Thank you.



hmylieen said...

yoooooooooo nekkkk PA nek ada dua dahhhh...dahsyatkan siap ada 2 PA lagi tak lama lagi bertambah ler fulak klu biz maju...hehhehehehh

Nek Rock said...

oitttttt leen dear,

phewwwww skang ni 2 cukup lah kot, hehehehe

bisness pun bukan macam kan yg nak ramai2 helper

anyway, nek really appreciates your help leen, love you, muahhh