Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Notice of shipment - 106

Shipment of items purchased by Anie, Jurina and Ita was made on Thursday 16th July 09.

1. Anie - EH442115115US
2. Ita - EH898021905US

Items from shipment 103 was made by Leen on Friday 17th.

1. Asni - EN203163445MY

2. Azurah - EN203163431MY

3. Reflesia - EN203163459MY

4. Zalina & Kadeb - hand delivery

To those special request items if it arrive by Thursday 16th July, Nek will made the shipment out on Friday 17th July 09.
All special request items that arrive after 17th July, Nek will made the shipment on Tuesday 28th July 09.

Nek will be away for summer vacation from 18th July for a week to Wyoming.


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