Monday, July 27, 2009

Notice of shipment - 108

Shipment of items purchased by Miss T, Lily Arif, Ika, Adila, Riza, Latiffa and Hanie was made on Monday July 27th 09.

1. Zaeef - EH981003446US
2. Adila - EH442115138US
3. Murni - EB128214785US

Shipment of items will be mailed out from Putrajaya 29th July 09 from Leen. Leen ada urgent matters to solve semalam, items will be mailed out today.

1. Jaja - EN202664706MY
2. Deejah - EN202664710MY
3. Mazli - EN202664723MY
4. Mas - EN202664737MY

5. Nora - EN202664745MY

2 parcels from shipment 104 are still under investigations by USPS. Sorry for all the delay. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Shipment of items purchased by Kengge, Dolly, Echa, Jaja and Siti will be made on Wednesday 29th July 09.


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