Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Savings FOR CHARITY - 1

Dear valued customers and visitors,

Nek Rock's Boutique small contribution for the unfortunate.

SPECIAL SAVINGS FOR CHARITY will be uploaded every Saturday for the whole month of August 2009.

All sales proceed will be donated to Pondok Penyayang Raudhah by first week of September 09.

Nek will bear the cost of mailing the items.

** For everyone's info - you will get the item cuma $$ yang akan nek dermakan:)).


323, 324. Tommy Hilfiger Zip Saddle Hobo - 2 pieces

  • Available in Chocolate/Java
  • Synthetic material
  • Top zip closure
  • Interior - fabric lining, 1 side zipper with 2 open pocket
  • Dimensions: 11.5" x 9" x 3"
(323. SOLD - DR ROYCE)
(324. SOLD - IDAH)


hardiness said...

hello nek rock.if u can get this tommy handbag for me, please e-mail me ya.i really like this handbag.

Nek Rock said...

yooo hadiness dear,

thanks for dropping by:)

nek cuma dapat 2 jer ya bag ni, kalau nek dapat di lain siaran price will be different sebab ini utk charity, nek memang tak amik any untung at all with free shipping dari sini:)

hans said...

klu nek dpt siaran lain, nek blh bagi harga berapa tak agak2? i minat bag ni la nek.tq :) - hardiness