Saturday, December 26, 2009


Dear valued customers and visitors,

Nek will be away from Dec 24th - 28th. All orders that have been purchased and paid for, were mailed out on 23rd Dec 09.

All special request items that arrived at Nek's home after 22nd Dec, will be shipped out from Tuesday 29th Dec onwards in stages.

Any special request from Coach Outlet or any stores at the outlet, please email Nek the style number, color and your budget in RM by Wednesday 23rd Dec 09.

For HRC Las Vegas special request, please email Nek the design, size and color. To check on their designs, please click the URL below. Not all designs shown online are available at their store.

From Wednesday, 23rd Dec. onward, all e mails and requests for quotation will only be answered after 28th Dec. Nek will be away from the laptop for a while:)

To all names mentioned below, your special request items will be shipped out from Tuesday 29th Dec onwards in stages.

1. Marina A
2. Marina K
3. Ms TR
4. Wan
5. Aida
6. Adilla
7. Dr Yuyu
8. Normah E
9. Ms DP
10. Juju
11. Ms AF
12. Aidie
13. Cheeky
14. Sara S
15. Hafiz
16. Azue
17. Jaja

Nekrock's Boutique will resume business on Dec 29th 09.

To those celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to all.


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