Monday, January 11, 2010

Notice of shipment - 175

Shipment of items purchased by Norr, Majidah, Zurini, Hasni Sudan, Ann and Rinn was made on Tuesday 12th Jan 2010.

Lieen - EM379423001US
2. Zam/Lieen - EH893899926US

Shipment 173 - 9/1/2010
1. Dr Rima - EH893894265US (cleared customs 13/1/2010)
2. Harun/Lieen - EH892777722US (cleared customs 14/1/2010)

There will be a slight delay for all online orders due to the bad weather in the eastern part of USA. Most of the warehouses are located in the east coast of USA. That part of the country is experiencing weather problem.

Special request dari online websites yang masih Nek belum terima.

1. Malim Aus
2. Ms AJ
3. Marina K
4. Amy
5. MamaD Japan
6. Jot
7. Anisha Bali


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