Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nekrock's Boutique 3rd Anniversary - Special Appreciation

As a gesture of recognition Nekrock's Boutique would like to send a special gift to each of them.

1. Nekrock's Boutique 2010 Top 3 Big Spenders of the year:

1. With total spending of MYR 57,000
2. With total spending of MYR 24,000
3. With total spending of MYR 21,000

2. All time Special Appreciation goes to:

MK - For his help in setting up this new look of Nekrock's Boutique

Lieen/Hafiz/Jot - For helping and sorting out all items that are not mailed directly to you in Malaysia

Lieen's and Jot's friends - Special appreciation goes to all of them too for allowing Nekrock's Boutique using their names and addresses for mailing purposes.

3. 2010 Top Chatters who made the blog cheerfull everyday goes to a few names:)

Nek's gratitude is not only for the above named but Nek would like to thank you all of you who have made purchases or have visited Nekrock's Boutique and have given a tremendous support.
To continue with the tradition of giving the best value for your money, Nekrock's Boutique will continue to strive to find a good deal for everyone. The biggest satisfaction Nek gets is that all Nekrock's Boutique customers are happy with their purchases and services provided by the Boutique.



ZullWell said...

rasanya dapat agak siapa gerangan yg selalu kasi Nek big buck bila time dia beli. saya ni pembeli kecil-kecilan je...

Nek Rock said...

Cakk Zul, tak kira lah besar ke kecik, asal sema happy with the services kan kan:)