Monday, March 14, 2011

Notice of shipment - 287

Shipment of items purchased by Ija, Ainul, Mama Deejah, Azlina A, Hana Z and Intan M was made on Thursday 3rd March 2011.

1. Ainon/Hafiz - EB956943172US
(cleared customs - 7/3/2011)

Shipment of items will be made from Klang. Hafiz is in Port Dickson, insyallah parcels akan dipos hari Jumaat atau Sabtu. Sorry again, Hafiz baru balik dari PD on Saturday. Shipment will be made on Monday, 14th. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Shipment was made from Klang - 14/3/2011

1. Ija - EN437717957MY
2. Ainul - EN437717943MY
3. Azlina A/Mama Deejah - EN437718011MY
4. Intan M - EN437717930MY

Shipment was made from Klang - 15/3/2011 (Gdex)
1. Hana Z - 3408467464


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