Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What A Difference A Year Makes!!

Successful Healthy Lifestyle Changes - Are You Ready For A Change??

If I can do it, so can YOU:))

Picture taken 18/8/2011 - 52 kgs (115 lbs)








29/8/2010 - 68 kgs (149.6 lbs)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nek,

U've been an inspiration to many and I hope u carry on doing that.

On behalf of everyone that I know u've inspired, thank you for the wake up call and the support u've provided.


Nek Rock said...

Dear V:)

Sure will kalau sanggup dengar bebelan Nek, hahahaha. Psstt how fast time flies eh, rasa macam baru jer lagi Nek kecuh2 masa nak mula end of last year kan

Most welcome dear and hope to those yang masih dalam process akan berjaya. Just FOCUS and keep moving on!!


zatil said...

Dear Nek..looking tru the pics macam sonang jer, to lose all those kilos kan....but..reality..i know it's darn hard to even lost a kilo..

Keep it up Nek..

Me too almost reach my anak dara weight..i know the trick now (despite 2 weeks taking care of baby in the hosp) ..NO rice, NO oil, but lots of vege/fruits ..hehehe..and of course once a while u can enjoy a little of everything..

Wish u a blessed raya :)

Nek Rock said...

Zatil dear, looking tru the pics kadang macam tak percaya yang Nek can DO IT sehingga berjaya:)

In reality it is not too difficult as long you know the simple rules to follow when changing your eating habits. By changing to a healthy lifestyle that is the only way you can achieve your ideal weight permanently.

Yehh glad to know that Zatil sudah hampir berjaya, congrats and keep it up!!

Hehehe masa kat hospital baru belajar the trick ek. Yes dear, once in a while you can have your cheating meal.

Thank you Zatil and take care, muahh:)

cacah said...

tahniah nek! :)
selamat hari raya juga! <3

Nek Rock said...

Dear Cacah,

Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya to you too:)

Joebangla said...

{Ish,gemuk nya Nek nih masa dulu2 tuh) ekekekkekeke

Nek Rock said...

Hahahaha Joe masa Nek pi Nuyok was in April so kecik skit dari pompuan *sumo* yg baju biru tu..kekekeke.

Anonymous said...

mary said nek vogue!

Nek Rock said...

Hiks cik Mary dear:)

TQ and Selamat Hari Raya, muahh

sophie said...

wow!!gempaklah..Vogue gitu!!!

Nek Rock said...

Dear Sophie,

TQ for dropping by and the compliment:)

Selamat Hari Raya!!

BalancingAct said...

Dear Nek, congratulations!! You look so much younger now. I too have lost 8kg in about 6 weeks and targeting to lose another 7 kg to get to a healthy BMI!


Betty said...

Congratulation... bangga dgn Nek la... happy je tgk.. =))
yeah u can do it!!..

Nek Rock said...

- Adila dear,

TQ dear for the compliments, sorry Nek tak nampak ada comments:)

Yeh congrats to you too. YES you can do it, FOCUS and keep moving!!

- Dear Betty,

TQ dear, yes Nek is really happy and so proud I made it!!

TQ for dropping by Adila and Betty, Selamat Hari Raya to both of you, muahh

Mummy Nenny said...

give tips la nek...nk jugak mcm nek..:)

Nek Rock said...

Dear Mummy Nenny,

Sorry Nek tak nampak ada komen kat sini:)

Tips cuma, perlu ubah gaya makan to a healthy lifestyle dan exercise:))

Happy trying!!

Bunga Emas said...

Wowwwwwwwww amazing nek! Solid sungguh!!