Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Philips AVENT Blue Monkey & Pink Flower - SEPT/OCT/NOV 2014 ORDER STATUS

Dear Baby Bottles Seller/Reseller in Malaysia,


Nek will be away to Malaysia for 2 months (October & November)

If you're interested in purchasing a bulk order for Baby Bottles Philips AVENT Blue Monkey & Pink Flower, please e mail Nek at feza59@yahoo.com

All orders from USA will be packed in a Large Box (18" x 18" x 25")

Minimum bulk order direct from USA - 40 units 
Items will be directly shipped to your doorsteps using FeDex (inclusive of Malaysian Customs Tax)

Minimum bulk order items from KL stocks - 6 units
Items will be shipped to your doorsteps using Kangaroo

**ToyRus masih hantar campur2 packaging as pictures**
- maybe once their old packaging habis, mereka akan hantar semua yang latest

Nek will only entertain SERIOUS BUYERS.

Order status for September/October/November:
1. Elle & Kay - 320 units 
2. Ms AA - 80 units


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